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Twitter locks China’s US embassy account

Twitter closes the account of the US embassy in China
Earlier, the embassy defended China’s policies in the Muslim-majority region.

Shanghai: Twitter has shut down the US embassy account in the United States because of a tweet defending China’s policies in Xinjiang, which the US social media platform said violates the company’s policy against “dehumanization.”

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Chinese embassy account ChineseEmbinUS

The Chinese embassy account, ChineseEmbinUS, posted a tweet this month saying that Uyghur women are no longer “baby-making machines,” citing a study published by the state-run China Daily newspaper. The Tweet has been removed by Twitter and replaced with a tag indicating that it is no longer available. Although Twitter hides Tweets that violate its policies, it does require account owners to manually delete these posts. The Chinese embassy account has not posted any new tweets since January 9.

The Biden administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the Twitter move.

Biden administration twitter moves

“We have taken action on the tweet that you referred to for violating our policy against dehumanization, which states the following: We prohibit the deprivation of a group of people of their humanity on the basis of their religion, social class, age, disability, serious illness, national origin or race, Or race, a Twitter spokesperson said on Thursday.

Chinese embassy in Washington

The Chinese embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment. Twitter has been banned in China, but it has become an increasingly favored platform by Chinese diplomats and state media. China has repeatedly rejected accusations of violations in the United Nations’ Xinjiang region, with a UN commission saying that at least a million Uighurs and other Muslims are being held in camps.

Chinese Foreign Ministry said the allegations were false and unfounded.

Twitter’s move also comes on the heels of removing the account of former US President Donald Trump, who had 88 million followers, citing the risks of violence after his supporters stormed the US Capitol this month. Twitter closed Trump’s account, requesting that some tweets be deleted, before restoring it and then removing it completely after the former president violated the platform’s policies again.

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