Signal to ramp up hiring after WhatsApp controversy

signal whatapp controversy

The head of his dominant firm said on Wednesday that messaging app Signal has seen “unprecedented” growth following . Read More:Ambani’s Reliance to embed e-commerce app into WhatsApp within six months Telegram, Signal main beneficiary Along with another encrypted app, Telegram, Signal has been the main beneficiary of the online …

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What information does WhatsApp collect from its users?

what infprmation does user collect

WhatsApp has been struggling to respond to concerns expressed by millions of users around the world after its last update. Although WhatsApp has since said it is delaying the mandatory date for users to accept the new terms of service, one of the questions that comes to mind is what …

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When WhatsApp says no one’s account will be deleted on Feb 8

whatapp say no one will be detected

WhatsApp, which has been a great relief to millions of messaging platform users, pledged on Saturday on February 8th.” Whatapp application new term of service Users of the popular app have been scrambling to identify risks to their privacy since WhatsApp announced the new terms of service. I previously mentioned …

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WhatsApp posts ‘status’ to explain new privacy policy

whatapp trick on other status

The WhatsApp status option was introduced nearly two years ago, and now, it has become a widely used feature. After rolling out the feature, WhatsApp also introduced a privacy option on the status you upload – who can see the update and who can’t. Whatapp update privacy features: For the …

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Which new updates did theWhatsApp announce this week?

whatapp new update

WhatsApp announced that people will still be able to safely chat while using the service even after accepting its new terms of serviceCompany said it will not share users’ location and contacts with Facebook, and assured it will not read chats as they are end-to-end encryptedWhatsApp introduced some new tones; …

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