How WhatsApp web gets cool new ‘starred stickers’ feature?

whatapp web sticker

Facebook’s owned WhatsApp – for users with the latest Android and iOS updates – has rolled out a new update for its web version, 2.2100.4. Read More:How Large number of followers not enough to get verified on Instagram Facebook’s owned WhatsApp Explaining the update, WABetainfo said, “WhatsApp is rolling out …

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How WhatsApp finally lets you mute a contact, group forever

whatapp group contact forever

WhatsApp now allows you to permanently mute contacts and group chats, instead of just eight hours, a week or a year. Read More:Why Fake news spread on WhatsApp to Indian Americans plays stealth role in US election? Popular messaging service is Always Mute. The popular messaging service is enabling a …

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Why India asks WhatsApp to withdraw privacy policy update

india ask whatapp to withdraw

India’s Ministry of Technology has asked WhatsApp to withdraw changes to its privacy policy, which the messaging platform announced. WhatsApp and Facebook business activities The request creates a new problem for WhatsApp and Facebook, the American parent, which has placed big bets on the South Asian country to expand its …

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How whatsApp virus’: hoax warning resurfaces online in Pakistan

whatapp virus in pakistan

Social media posts claim a malicious video titled “Argentina” circulating on WhatsApp that will hack your phone within 10 seconds. Most of these posts attribute the warning to the National Information Technology Board of Pakistan (NITB). he allegation is misleading: the message is a hoax that has previously been circulated …

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Here’s how to use Telegram app if you run out of battery

telegram running out of battery

As digital media users are moving away from WhatsApp, the Telegram messaging app is advancing as an alternative by offering new features. Read More:How WhatsApp’s new privacy policy: Pakistan announces to develop its own messaging app Telegram messaging app new features Running out of battery in the middle of writing …

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