Samsung unveils new Galaxy S smartphone early, targets remote workers, gamers

January 1, 2021

Samsung launched the first Galaxy S smartphone with an on-screen stylus
Analysts say Samsung may merge the S line with its host of other.
Samsung on Thursday launched its first Galaxy S smartphone with an on-screen stylus called the S Pen, more than a month ahead of its regular annual release schedule for its flagship compact phone models

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Introduction Galaxy S21 series

Analysts said the introduction of a stylus in the Galaxy S21 series may indicate that the South Korean tech giant will integrate the S line with its other premium smartphone lineup, the Note, already equipped with a note-taking stylus. This could free up resources for Samsung to push its separate high-end foldable phones as flagship mass products rather than specialty devices. Analysts said Samsung is also looking to capture market share after China’s Huawei was hit by US sanctions that restricted its supplies and hurt sales.

China’s market share huawei mobile

Counterpoint Research analyst Sujeong Lim said the early launch of the Galaxy S21 is a possible tactic to take advantage of Huawei’s troubles. New iterations of note usually come in the second half of the year. Lim said Samsung is facing stiff competition in the high-end category from Chinese vendors amid growing demand for devices that can be used to work remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to playing like video games.

Samsung latest model Galaxy S21.

In the US, the Galaxy S21 starts at $ 799.99, the S21 Plus starts at $ 999.99, and the S21 Ultra starts at $ 1,199.99. Samsung said the series will be widely available from January 29th through, carriers, and online retailers. With the most advanced processing chip in any Galaxy device, the S21 is 5G compatible and designed for shooting and displaying videos and photos as well as working on the screen. The top end of the range, the Ultra – the only version compatible with the S Pen, which has to be purchased separately – features a quad-lens rear camera that allows for different angles and zoom shots.

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