Why PTA moves to block content related to ‘sacrilegious film Lady of Heaven

December 21, 2020

Pakistan Communications Commission moved to block content in the country related to what it called a profane movie called “A Lady in Heaven.”

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In a statement, the authority said that, in view of the “various reports” related to the film and its “profane content,” social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were directed to “immediately block all content related to the film, the film said from their platform.”

Social media platform various on movies

So far, she said, 336 links have been reported containing promotional materials for the movie on various social media platforms.
On December 25, the PTA said it had sent notifications to the tech giant Google and the online encyclopedia of Wikipedia to post “profane content” across the platforms. The agency said it had contacted Google with directions “to remove illegal content immediately” because it was an issue “of a very serious nature.”

Google remove illegal content immediately

The association also said that it had received complaints against Wikipedia for “hosting cartoons of the noble Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace) and publishing misleading, wrong, misleading and misleading information through articles portraying Mirza Masroor Ahmad as a Muslim.” The Parent Teacher Association said it had sent a notice to Wikipedia after “heavy communication” to remove “profane content to avoid any legal action.”

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