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How Hundreds of Google employees form workers union.

Over 200 Goolge employees form a trade union Alphabet workers’ union aims to ensure fair wages without fear of abuse, retaliation .
More than 200 Google employees in the US have formed a trade union that culminates in years of activity as the base of workers’ organizations in “fiercely anti-union silicon Valley”.

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Workers’ organizations in “fiercely anti-union silicon Valley”.

In an opinion piece published in The New York Times, elected members Parole Cole and Choi Cho said that the Alphabet Workers Union aims to ensure that employees work for a fair remuneration, without fear of abuse, retaliation, or discrimination, union leaders have written.

Union leaders said Alphabet has rejected employee concerns for “too long” “Our superiors have cooperated with repressive governments around the world,” they wrote. “They have developed an AI technology for use by the Department of Defense and profited from hate group ads. They have failed to make the necessary changes to purposefully address our retention problems with people of color.”

Union leaders Alphabet continues

Union leaders said, “Alphabet continues to crack down on those who dare to speak out, and forbids workers from speaking publicly on sensitive and important topics, such as antitrust and monopoly power.” For a handful of wealthy executives, this discrimination and unethical work environment works as intended, to the detriment of workers with less institutional strength, especially blacks, browns, heterosexuals, trans people, the disabled, and women,” they wrote.

“Every time workers organize to demand a change, Alphabet executives make symbolic promises, doing the bare minimum in hopes of appeasing the workers.”

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