Why Turkey slaps ad ban on Twitter.

turkey slaps add ban on twitter

Under the law, which critics say is stifling dissent, social media companies that do not hire such representatives are subject to a series. Read more:When LG considering all options for loss-making mobiles Information and Communication Technology Authority (BTK). The law allows authorities to remove content from the platforms, rather than …

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How Hundreds of Google employees form workers union.

hunderd of google empolyees

Over 200 Goolge employees form a trade union Alphabet workers’ union aims to ensure fair wages without fear of abuse, retaliation .More than 200 Google employees in the US have formed a trade union that culminates in years of activity as the base of workers’ organizations in “fiercely anti-union silicon …

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Twitter locks China’s US embassy account

twitter locks china US embressed

Twitter closes the account of the US embassy in ChinaEarlier, the embassy defended China’s policies in the Muslim-majority region.Shanghai: Twitter has shut down the US embassy account in the United States because of a tweet defending China’s policies in Xinjiang, which the US social media platform said violates the company’s …

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